When: Saturday 1st July, 10am–12.30 (including delicious morning tea by Chef Sarah)

Where: Forster Yoga Studio, level 1, 12 Wallis street Forster

Cost: General Admission $55, $45 for Forster Yoga Studio members

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This is a 2 hour workshop + Q&A + take away action plan

With the amount of conflicting nutritional information out there, this is a resource you can trust from someone who has an abundance of knowledge and a true desire to help people regain their health and vitality.  Anyone who has ANY digestive issues (including foggy brain, inflammation, thyroid and autoimmune problems) should attend this workshop.

  • How does it all work? – shed some light on the complexities of mastication, digestion, absorption and elimination.
  • Food hangover, fatigue and foggy brain … the connection … and clear steps to reverse it
  • Leaky gut or SIBO? and the specific steps to take to heal your gut
  • Overcome undiagnosed health challenges that could be related to your gut health
  • Steps to take to support your brain/gut connection to GUT HAPPY!

Plus a Q+A where you can have your specific questions answered.