With the NRL finals being conducted this month we are certainly going to see some rough & tough rugby as the final clubs strive to win the 2018 Premiership. At this time many local competitions are wrapping up & the rugby at these levels will just be as intense & many players are likely to sustain injuries which are best managed by your Chiropractor, some of which are possibly preventable with the help of a Chiropractor as well.

What Kinds of Injuries Occur in Rugby League?

Over 40% of injuries are muscular strains or contusions (bruising) & a good number of these are spinal related in some way or another, 30% are sprains, followed by dislocations, fractures, lacerations, and overuse injuries. Sprained ankles are a common injury with ankle sprains representing 10-15% of injuries. Between 5-25% of rugby injuries are head injuries, including concussion.


If you, a family member, friend or team mate do happen to get injured on the rugby field having the injury assessed & treated as quickly as possible by your local Chiropractor will give you the best chances of a speedy recovery & get you back on the field playing the game you love.


When you attend the clinic, your Chiropractor will take a thorough history & may even ask you to mimic the injury sustained on the field as this will help to achieve an accurate diagnosis. A detailed physical, neurological & orthopaedic exam will follow with a focus on the injured area but an exam of the spine & pelvis is always part of a standard Chiropractic examination & may be followed by spinal X-Rays. Once the diagnosis is reached & if no further referral is required the treatment of the affected joint, muscle, spine will vary depending on the type & severity. Treatment may include:

  • Low level laser therapy
  • Strapping of the affected area
  • Massage
  • Dry needling
  • Peripheral & spinal mobilization & adjustments
  • Advice on rest, day to day modifications, time away from footy, what training is OK to perform that will not exacerbate the injury.


Most rugby injuries take several weeks to recover & post recovery a program of strengthening & prevention will also be prescribed to keep you playing the sport you love.